A House with a Heart

Middle Caicos Island

Turks&Caicos Islands, BWI

A True Island Experience Away From the Hub-Bub of Civilization on Middle Caicos, The Isle of Tranquility

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A New Stilt Home, High above the "Bush", with an Ocean View.
Your front door Ocean View

Two Bedrooms with Balconies, Looking to the Settlement of Bambarra.
Two roomy Bedrooms

Two Baths and Showers.

Modern Kitchen with Island Sink.
Our Clean and Modern Kitchen

Backyard Bush Nature Walk, Where Orchids Grow Wild.

Hire a "Belonger" and his Boat for Catching Lobster, Diving and fishing, or Visiting Caves and other Local Interests.
Plenty of Living Space

There is Safe Snorkelling Inside the Turquoise Reef.

Music is Provided by the Whistling East Winds Accompanied by the Singing Casuarina Trees.
A short walk to the Beach

See Beyond the Stars in the Night Skies.

Walk the Endless Beach in the Sunshine.
Have a Beach all to yourself

A vacation where you can lose yourself and find yourself at the same time.
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Summer rates - May 1st thru December 20 - $775 weekly
Winter rates - December 21 thru April 30 - $900 weekly
For more information contact Paul Van Etten at [email protected]
or Phone 941-758-0661
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